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Become a wine matching expert in 5 minutes
It's easy when you know how. Master these essential wine-matching facts and become quite the wine buff.
Photo: Farrukh Younus
Ever been tempted to eat your own clothes? You would if you were wearing a chocolate dress. We glimpse a preview of Salon du Chocolat.
Photo: Lauren Glucina, AscensionKitchen.com
Does lavender really belong in the kitchen? Or should it stay in the sock drawer? Isobel Troca-King investigates for iLoveMyGrub.
Gin & tonic cake
Yes, you heard right. Now you can get gin & tonic in a cake.
Nigella Lawson talks at The School of Life. Photo credit: Elizabeth Peers.
Nigella Lawson talks about guilt, pleasure and being a little bit of a control freak. And don't forget the food - there's lots to say about the food.
The Tanqueray Drawing Rooms
I want this bar in my house please. Flapper dress optional.
The Chocolate Show
Chocolate Week is running from the 13th - 19th October 2014, packed full of indulgent things to do. Here are iLoveMyGrub's chocolatey highlights.
Rollmop on a plate
Some people actually scream when you bring pickled herrings into a room, so how can you be sure when it's okay with society to tuck into a rollmop? We get the lowdown on this social conundrum.
Nottingham restaurants: 7 best places to eat
Is there more to Nottingham than Robin Hood and his merry men? Ever on the prowl for the next foodie hotspot, iLoveMyGrub rides to Sherwood (by, er... train) to discover what Nottingham has on the menu this autumn 2014.