Cupcakes and macaroons move over! Cake pops are stealing the lime light.

Cupcakes, macaroons and whoopie pies have been enjoying more than their 15 minutes of fame in recent years. Well, now there's another take on cake that's hitting the supermarket shelves: cake pops. Waitrose have launched an exclusive range of these sponge-centred mouthfuls from Fiona Cairns.

Kate & Will's wedding cake was made in all its floral detail by Fiona Cairns, so the lady knows a thing or two about sweet baked treats. Cake pops are little mouthfuls of sponge, dipped in chocolate, then hand-decorated. Perching on the end of a lollipop stick, they are not only tiny little treats, but ones that leave you without sticky fingers. Of course, because they are smaller than your average slice of cake, we'll all probably do the same thing and eat 16 of them in one sitting.

I don't want to pinch that well known saying from the people at Pringles, but it's rattling around in my head. One way to ensure you don't eat 16 cake pops in one sitting, is to share them of course. But does sharing taste so good? Granted, you get that warm glow from doing good, but you're basically denying your stomach pleasure (which could cancel out the warm glow). Whatever you do, all you need to know is that these cake pops are made from a ‘bakers truffle’ mix of moist crumbs of cake mixed with icing. Do with that information, what you will.

Fiona Cairns Cake Pops are available from the bakery counter at Waitrose branches, priced at £1.49. Available in 5 different varieties: Glitter and Butterflies, Hundreds and Thousands, White Chocolate and Sugar Coated Shelled Chocolates, Pink and Gold Flower, and Red Glitter with Jelly Beans.

Written by: Helenka Bednar