10 signs you’re a sugar addict

Have trouble walking past a sweet shop? Familiar with the dreaded sugar-low crash?! Here are 10 signs you could be a sugar addict.

10 signs you're a sugar addict

As an obsessive food lover, I've noticed a thing or two about my eating habits. Am I a sugar addict? Well, I'm fine so long as you don't take my sugar away from me.

So that would be a yes, then.

If you're anything like me, a couple of these points below might just resonate with you. Pick 'n' mix anyone?! Pass me a spade...

**10 signs you're a sugar addict:**

**1. **If you're served a cocktail with a glacé cherry garnish that somehow gets stuck at the bottom of the glass, you will spend a good ten minutes trying to root it out. Even if the fire alarm in the bar goes off at this point, you remain undeterred and begin to get irritable when the firemen ask you to *"Leave the building."*

**2. **You eat the orange cremes in Quality Street, and you don't even like them.

**3. **You get the 'sugar junkie high' approximately 5 minutes after you've consumed sugar.

**4.** You get 'sugar low rage' approximately 1 hour after you've consumed sugar.

**5.** Your frontal lobe goes bright pink when you walk into a sweet shop.

**6.** Your wallet's empty when you walk out of the sweet shop.

**7.** Who cares if your wallet's empty - you've got 317 cola bottles in a paper bag!

**8.** When you discover you've actually eaten the last bit of chocolate in the house, you wonder around repeating "How did this happen?" incredulously, 200 times.

**9.** After you've finished repeating yourself, you realise that your hands are shaking and you're beginning to hallucinate.

**10.** A way off in the distance, you see a family pack of cola bottles trying to drink from a mirage of melted orange cremes. It's all too much and you collapse in a heap of sugar-low weakness, your trembling out-stretched hand reaching towards your empty wallet.

**Does this sound familiar? Are you a sugar addict? What's your ultimate sugar fix? And what happens when you run out of it?!**

**Written by:** Helenka Bednar