Game To Eat

Know your game and find out what to do with it in the kitchen.

Game To Eat

Game has suffered misguided press for a number of years, often being sidelined in favour of regular staples such as beef and chicken. Partridge, pheasant and venison often make it onto the odd restaurant menu, but they’re not meats that have a regular platform on our supermarket shelves.

If you’re in any confusion as to what actually counts as game, let us fill you in. The British countryside offers up a broad range: pigeon, hare, venison, duck, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, rabbit, goose and grouse all fall under the category of game. Despite the fact that there’s plenty of this dark, flavoursome meat on offer, fans often only get to satisfy their taste for it at a clutch of restaurants.

Game To Eat, is campaigning to raise awareness and increase people’s appreciation of game. Their website, listed below, is packed full of information on game, advice from celebrity chefs and recipes – simple and sophisticated. So if you thought that game was just for those stylish dinner party moments, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their recipes, which feature the likes of barbequed venison steaks and pot roast partridge. The website is also full of information on where to eat and buy game, complete with a list of suppliers in your area.

Game To Eat has also commissioned “Game for Gourmets”, a recipes book packed with ideas from four of the UK’s top gastro pub chefs. Mark Gough (The Tollemache Arms, Buckminster, Leics), David Lem (Houghton’s at The Pear Tree, Woodhouse Eves, Leics), Sean Hope (The Olive Branch, Clipsham, Lincs) and Neil Dowson (The Lawns, Holt, Norfolk) have selected over 50 popular game dishes and seasonal puddings from their menus, and demonstrate how to prepare them quickly and easily at home.

Besides offering plenty of alternative flavour to chicken, beef and pork, game also scores points on the health front. Low in cholesterol and high in protein, it makes for a great main ingredient in hearty stews and winter pies, as well as stepping things up a little for a sophisticated dinner party.

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