Guide to filleting fish

With fillets being the most popular cut of fish, knowing how to prepare them is a great skill to have.

Guide to filleting fish

Fillets are much quicker to cook than a whole fish and so they’re perfect for family suppers and impromptu dinner parties. Filleting may look tricky, but with some practice you’ll be a pro in no time. Just follow this video of chef, Tony Tobin demonstrating an easy method to creating perfect fillets. Remember to use a sharp filleting knife that has some flexibility as this allows you to cut closer to the bone, minimising waste.

**Points to remember:**

1)   Start by removing the head, by slicing just behind the gill on either side.

2)   Get rid of any visible innards.

3)   Use the spine as a guide for your knife.

4)   Sit your knife flat on top of the spine and cut forwards and backwards across the length of the fish until you release the fillet

5)   Turn the fish over and sit the knife flat on the opposite side of the spine and cut across lengthways again to extract the second fillet