Indulgent Easter eggs

Looking for something extra special this Easter? Feast your eyes on this little lot. Okay, some of them aren’t so little…

Indulgent Easter eggs

After something a bit special this Easter? Check out these wonderfully indulgent Easter eggs: gold leaf, sugar diamanté crystals and even a slab of gold bullion feature in this year’s super duper eggs.

La Maison du Chocolat

The chocolatiers at La Maison du Chocolat have gone all out for Easter. Weighing in at 5.6 kg this artisan egg is one of nineteen limited edition Easter eggs, priced at £550. Each egg has been beautifully crafted with the theme of the cocoa bean incorporated throughout. So beautiful, you might not want to eat it…for about three seconds.


If you fancy being a little flash with your Easter egg offering, Melt has created the ultimate Golden Egg this Easter, containing one ounce of gold bullion. Yes – real, actual gold. This egg will set you back by £1,000 and is decorated with 18-carat gold leaf. Available to purchase from the Melt concession at Selfridges.


For something a little different, Demarquette have created a farmyard set of hand painted chocolate animals in a range of Pop-Art colours. Priced at £45 for the full set, this farmyard set is the ideal unique gift for Easter. Demarquette has also launched a range of hand-painted Pop-Art style chocolate Easter eggs, perfect for giving Easter egg hunts a decided luxury edge. Half a dozen eggs are priced at £14.50.

Artisan du Chocolat

Okay, so these aren’t eggs but they’re so bright and quirky they will wow your eyes well before your stomach gets a look in. Artisan du Chocolat has created a range of neon coloured Easter ‘Flashbunnies’ in bold shades of blue, red, green and yellow. You can buy a brightly coloured Flashbunny from Selfridges, priced at £10 each. You just have to decide on a colour…

Harrods Limited Edition Easter Eggs

This year, Harrods has created their limited edition eggs using the rarest cocoa beans in the world. These eggs have then been hand-decorated with gorgeous little crystallised rose petals and dusted with silver and sugar diamanté crystals. Don’t drop these eggs! Available from Harrods priced at £40.

The Ultimate Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason has taken inspiration from the Russian doll this year. When you break open that outer shell of chocolate, guess what? There’s another egg inside, and then you crack that one open, and brilliantly there’s yet another egg! And so on. Layers of Easter chocolate – could it get any better? Available from Fortnum & Mason, priced at £80.

Enric Rovira Easter egg

This egg has that Willy Wonker element to it. Only 200 of these Easter eggs have been created, and just one egg contains a golden ticket giving the lucky winner the prize of being flown out to Barcelona to meet the chocolate maker. Tempting as it is, you probably can’t go around shaking all of the 200 eggs to see if you can hear the ticket rattling around inside. Priced at £29.95, available at Harvey Nichols.