Turtle Bags - sustainability with style

Turtle Bags - sustainability with style

There's been plenty of media coverage on how shoppers can be greener, and with many consumers ditching supermarket plastic bags for more eco-friendly options, a Turtle Bag might be just the thing you've been looking for.

You know how it is - you'd like to be more eco-friendly and you're well aware of the destructive impact plastic bags can have on the environment, but you somehow always remember these two facts as you're standing at the checkout, loading your weekly shop into a plastic bag. Beth Williamson, an ecologist has come up with Turtle Bags - a stylish alternative to plastic bags that you can use again and again without clogging up the environment.

UK supermarkets giveaway 17 billion plastic bags every year, and many of these bags end up being eaten by turtles, who mistake them for Jellyfish. This saddening fact, inspired Beth Williams to start up her own company making durable bags from natural resources. "I've always thought that plastic bags are ridiculous in that they are designed to last forever, but are actually only used for around three to four hours. So the wastefulness of them always seemed ridiculous to me. We're used to seeing our own environment trashed - we're used to seeing out litter about, but there's something quite precious about deep oceans getting our waste."

Turtle Bags come in variety of colours, from duck egg blue and bottle green to fuchsia and tomato red. They scrunch up easily so you can stuff them in your handbag or pocket, and use them at the checkout next time you're shopping. As well as being great for the weekly food shop, you can use Turtle Bags for your everyday purchases too - clothes, newspapers and most everyday buys can be comfortably carried in the durable, washable string design, which holds up to 20 lbs in weight. It also looks far more sophisticated than a plastic bag, so you and the environment win on both the style and sustainability fronts. Just get in the habit of keeping your Turtle Bag in your pocket, bag or car and start using it whenever you go shopping.

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