Written by (Rachel Allen)


Whether it’s cakes, cookies, breads or savoury bites, Rachel Allen bakes her heart out in this latest book. The book is decked out in pastel tones, and serves as a handy accomplice in the kitchen when you’re scratching your head and rubbing your stomach in search of a decent recipes.

Allen’s recipes for baked clams leaves you wishing you lived in a country with more than a rumour of sunshine, just so you could sit outside and consume the lot. Her baked aubergines look just as good, and the cake section has you really drooling. Red velvet cake, mocha cake and poppy seed cake with vanilla buttercream icing are all there to test your will power. Easter chocolate tart, croque en bouche – the list goes on and on. The good thing about this book is once you get to the end, there’s no need to start feeling sorry for a finished story – you can just make everything again and again.

Published by Collins, hardback priced at £20.