Fresh Moroccan

Written by Nada Saleh.

Fresh Moroccan

With stunning photography, an in depth approach to each recipes and a health conscious attitude, Fresh Moroccan takes you through over 80 recipes inspired by the Marrakech markets and Moroccan village food.

Nada Saleh nudges the reader towards healthier mealtimes with a passion for nurturing a healthy lifestyle. Flavours aren’t compromised in this clutch of recipes, but sensible approaches towards fats and sugar are incorporated throughout the book.

Handy basic guides for equipment and ingredients required, are included at the start of the book along with basic recipes that are called on for a variety of recipes. If you love the fire of harissa, the tang of preserved lemons and the calming refreshment of mint tea, Nada Saleh takes you knowledgably and clearly through accessible recipes for each.

Moroccan food can seem overwhelmingly complex just due to the wondrous mix of spices and herbs that perfume many dishes. Fresh Moroccan’s straightforward approach manages to guide the reader through many Moroccan delights as well as their nutritional value, and will have you dinner guests drooling over tagines of lamb and artichokes, carrot & orange salad and rice milk pudding. It’s the kind of recipes book that you buy for a friend but shamefully keep once you’ve peered through its pages.

Priced at £16.99, available from Amazon.