From Nature to Plate

Written by (Tom Kitchin)

From Nature to Plate

Tom Kitchin shares 100 mouth-watering French and European inspired recipes dedicated to seasonal eating and fresh ingredients from his homeland. At the age of 29, Tom Kitchin was the youngest Scottish chef-proprietor to receive a Michellin star at his restaurant, The Kitchin in Edinburgh. Having trained with some of the best chefs in the world including Pierre Koffmann, Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse, Tom has created a stir in the culinary world with his fresh approach and innovative cooking. At the start of this book, he shares his journey from being a kitchen porter during his teens through to working in some of the most demanding kitchens in Europe and achieving his first Michelin star.

There are plenty of charming and personal anecdotes from Kitchin’s wedding day to the night Pierre Koffmann became a pot washer in his restaurant in Edinburgh. The book then continues into four sections; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with introductions and further essays on asparagus, giroles, grouse and Orkney. His passion for sourcing quality ingredients and natural combinations is imparted through the incredible recipes he shares. The recipes range from simple dishes such as fish pie, coq au vin and trifle to more complex recipes for aspiring chefs such as his signature dish of boned and rolled pig's head with langoustines and a crispy ear salad or the game pithivier (a golden pie packed with game and pork).

At first glance, the recipes can seem daunting but Kitchin manages to explain them in an effectively simple manner. And furthermore the utterly divine photography and presentation of the dishes is more than enough to give you the determination to get cooking. Kitchin also offers plenty of tips on harvesting ingredients and there is a handy section at the back of the book that covers basic recipes for sauces and stocks. Tom Kitchin’s fervour and personality is present from start to finish, making From Nature to Plate a charismatic cookery book that will appeal to aspiring chefs or home cooks keen for some new inspiration and culinary challenges.

**Written by:** Leila Sarraf