Michel Roux Sauces - Savoury & Sweet

Written by Michel Roux

Michel Roux Sauces - Savoury & Sweet

Michel Roux’s updated cookbook is a nifty enyclopedia of all the sauces, marinades, emulsions and dressings you need to enhance your cooking, and take dishes to new heights of yumminess. Having held three Michelin stars for an impressive 24 years at his renowned restaurant, The Waterside Inn at Bray, Michel Roux certainly has the culinary experience and knowledge to profess himself as a master of sauces. In this essential book, Michel has updated great classics from his original volume and introduced new fresher and lighter recipes, reflecting the trends and needs of today.

The book starts off with a quick introduction into techniques, equipment and flavourings before delving into the 200-recipe-strong world of Michel Roux’s sauces. Stocks and marinades, infusions and nages, emulsions, vinaigrettes, flavoured oils and butters, salsas, coulis, custards and sabayons - it’s all here. From easy to tackle favourites such as tartare, and béarnaise, to intriguing parmesan water and lavish langoustine butter. Enhance your desserts with a dribble of crème anglais or orange butter sauce or make shellfish more sumptuous with a saffron vinaigrette or parsley nage with lemon grass. There are recipes here for all meals, budgets, culinary levels and ambitions. So there is no excuse not to give your dishes a saucy treatment to increase the deliciousness of every bite. Step-by-step illustrations and photographs help to break down the techniques of some of the more complicated recipes, and Michel’s straightforward instructions are easy to follow. All the recipes are accompanied by a dish suggestion, with the last chapter offering itself up as a handy guide that allows you to match sauces to food. Push your dusty cookery books aside and make room for this must have culinary bible.

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**Written by:** Leila Sarraf