Rebel Cook

Written by Simon Rimmer

Rebel Cook

This is a great book to bestow on a fledgling cook who is keen to extend their repertoire in the kitchen. With its easy tone and accessible recipes, Simon Rimmer has managed to keep the reader’s interest with inventive creations, but an approachable feel.

The book is split into four main sections: meat, fish, veg and puds and is filled with classics and to be honest, some fairly odd concoctions. That’ll be the rebel in him then. ‘Mum’s lasagne’ and ‘Jerk chicken’ are easy favourites to follow, whilst the likes of ‘Wild boar & damson pie’ and ‘Sticky Guinness pudding’ offer up something a little less run of the mill. The last dessert on the very last page of Rimmer’s Rebel Cook, looks absolutely divine. So, for pure culinary heaven, flick straight to page 188 for his vodka, sultana and poppy-seed cheesecake, complete with its dark base made entirely of Oreos. Go forth and rebel.

Priced at £20.00, available from Amazon.