The Excellence of the Bacon Sandwich

Written by Helenka Bednar


What is the best thing about getting up in the morning? Well, the possibility that it might mean eating bacon. Ahhhhh bacon, that cured delicacy that has the ability to make grown adults weep with gratitude (hungover, or not). This ebook is for anyone who loves a bacon sandwich, and is always on the lookout for ways to change it, upgrade it and of course, adore it. While it's true that you can fall in love with the simplicity of a bacon sarnie, you might also be liable to get struck by cupid's culinary arrow if a sliver of cheese, or black pudding is added to the sandwich mix. Or even chocolate. This quirky little ebook takes over your Kindle, iPad, smartphone or whatever nimble digital device you're reading it on, and transports the reader to a world of bacon bliss. 
With handy tips on how to spot the best bacon, along with some delicious recipes (and some divisive ones...), this book is utterly dedicated to the masterpiece that is the bacon sandwich. There are also tips on how not to butcher a bacon sandwich (it can be done people, it can be done), not to mention a quick fire bacon quiz that will edify your brain with some of the most essential bacon facts. 
**Book synopsis**
Love bacon? The Excellence of the Bacon Sandwich is stuffed with recipes, tips and anecdotal titbits on mastering this ultimate British delicacy. So powerful is the bacon sandwich that it has the ability to drag you out of bed when you're nursing the mother of all hangovers, and niggles away at the back of the mind of even the most determined vegetarian. They will lovingly talk about the 'old days' when they'd layer crispy bacon on soft, white bread and slather generously with brown sauce or ketchup, depending on their persuasion. Even vegans love a bacon sandwich – they just can't talk about it without crying. This digital book takes a look at the wonderment of the bacon sandwich, and the many possibilities for its embellishment, including The Royale, The Elvis and the somewhat divisive Chocolate Bacon Sandwich. This book is for anyone who would answer the question "What is the meaning of life?" with the unswerving reply: "Bacon sandwiches."
**How do I get a copy?**
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Which devices can I read this ebook on?**

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**ISBN:** 9781301489978.