The Frugal Cook

Written by (Fiona Beckett)

The Frugal Cook

Buy cleverly. Waste less. Eat well. These are the culinary philosophies that Fiona Beckett embraces in this book – the kind of book that’s useful to read, before you plunge into all those other recipes books out there. The Frugal Cook is a worthy long-term companion, whether you’re earnestly trying to tighten your belt, or wishing you could cook more responsibly.

Beckett’s tips on cutting food bills, stretching your food further, recipes for leftovers, waste disposal and portion control all contribute to a more streamlined wallet. The Frugal Cook is rammed full of practical tips and Beckett does anything but preach, suggesting ways to get our busy lifestyles and our food consumption working together effectively. Keeping a dependable bag of frozen peppers in the freezer, will she advises, save you money on what has become an expensive fresh vegetable, whilst avoiding bargains that you can’t consume in time will let your bank balance smile that little bit more. Full of useful wisdom.

Published by Absolute Press, priced at £14.99.