The Juice 2007

Written by Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner has made an impressive dent in the UK wine scene with his straight-talking approach. The Juice 2007 will appeal to anyone who loves wine, but cringes at the thought of all the snobbery and jargon that sometimes goes with it. Skinner's accessible approach to the grape makes getting to know your plonk an informative, punchy read.

The book itself is almost pocket-sized so you could just about sneak it under the table at dinner parties and wow everyone with bite-sized snippets of information from its pages. Skinner splits this guide into four sections, recommending bottles for a strapped-for-cash budget, making a great impression, TV dinners and splashing out when money is no object.

The guide makes a point of sifting through the thousands of mediocre wines on the market, giving you plenty of tips on good and great bottles under a fiver and (ahem) just under £1000.