The Preserving Book

Written by Various authors, Chief Editor Lynda Brown

The Preserving Book

Think making jam is just for the Women’s Institute? Think again! The Preserving Book, published by Dorling and Kindersley in association with the Soil Association brings preserving into the 21st century.

Open this book on just about any page and there will be a vibrantly coloured, glossy photo beaming out at you. The Preserving Book goes comprehensively through all the various ways of preserving food – freezing, drying, heating, fermenting, smoking, and more – telling you everything you need to know, from basics such as what foods you can freeze raw, to recipes for unusual and delicious looking delicacies such as rhubarb and rose petal syrup.

There is something that everyone will enjoy. From Indian pickles, to Korean kimchi; from Scandinavean salted fish, to Mediterannean olives and pestos; boozy brandy-soaked cherries for the grownups, and fruit drinks for the kids. There’s even a section of brewing your own wines and ciders.

Traditionally rather an old-fashioned way of preventing wastage, this book makes preserving look fun and fashionable. We might still be in a recession, and VAT might be going up, but with this D.I.Y preserving guide at your side, you’ll have the ultimate recession-busting foodie techniques at your finger tips.

The Preserving Book will be released on the 1st of July 2010, priced at £16.99.

**Written by:** Emily Boyd