The Scandinavian Cookbook

Written by (Trina Hahnemann)

The Scandinavian Cookbook

When you flick through this book, the first thing that strikes you about Scandinavian food, is just how fresh it is. Trina Hahnemann uses her skill in the kitchen to convey her cultural heritage to the reader, and implores people to cherish the notion of eating together around the table.

Hahnemann’s approach with this recipes book is a seasonal one, with each chapter assigned to a different month of the year. In amongst her year of recipes are the well-known favourites such as Danish pastries, pickled cucumber and a whole host of open sandwiches. There are plenty of fish dishes as you might expect, but Hahnemann has also studded her pages with moreish extras like caraway seed bread, spelt salad and plenty of recipes for Danish cookies.

Fans of Scandinavian food will love this book for its knowledgeable collection of recipes, whilst newbies will be lured in by Lars Ranek’s stunning photography and a curiosity to find out more.

Published by Quadrille, priced at £20.00