Written by Ursula Ferrigno


This book speaks from the view point of Italy’s many trattorias. These often family-run eateries serve up some of Italy’s best-loved dishes from bowlfuls of zucchini minestrone to the completely satisfying likes of meatballs and spaghetti. Ferrigno takes us through her experiences of Italy’s trattorias and fills this book with recipes of the dishes she’s experienced. There are also dishes featured in the book from chefs of various trattorias throughout Italy that Ferrigno encountered.

The book is full of passion, but clear in layout which is a real plus as flicking through this collection of recipes isn’t a five minute task. There are plenty to be tried out in the kitchen and Ferrigno divides the book up into clean sections such as soups, starters & antipasti and rice, pasta, gnocchi & polenta.

The simplicity of the trattoria approach to cooking is reflected in Ferrigno’s recipes collection. Although the recipes are mouth-wateringly appealing, their simplicity and unfussy style makes this a great book for cooks that are starting out as well as those who are simply very fond of Italian cooking.