What to Eat Now - More Please!

Written by (Valentine Warner)

What to Eat Now - More Please!

Valentine Warner has proved to be an authority in rustling up healthy and no-fuss dishes using seasonal produce. He has a gust of enthusiasm that will sweep you off your bottom and straight into the kitchen.

Coinciding with his new series for BBC TWO, (‘What to Eat Now’), What to Eat Now, More Please includes over one hundred spring and summer dishes, including light breakfasts, bbqs, picnic ideas as well as simple lunches and suppers. Warner’s recipes explore the seasonal bounty that the sunshine brings. Beef, guinea fowl, sea bass, sardines, peas, raspberries and blackcurrants are some of the ingredients he explores. The book is divided into nine straightforward chapters with names like; ‘Plump Birds’, ‘Leaf, Stem & Root’ and ‘Flowers and a Drop of Honey.’ Some recipes highlights include steak tartare, scallops mornay and his irresistible orangey honey buns.

Warner’s infectious schoolboy charm accompanies the recipes in the form of quirky anecdotes and cartoon-like drawings, making the book more then just an archive of dishes. All in all What to Eat Now, More Please is a seasonal recipes gem that comes with sure fire motivation to get in the kitchen or out in the bluebell fields and enjoy what the sunshine is all about: food!

Published by Mitchell Beazley, priced at £20.

Written by: Leila Sarraf