Alder Carr Fruit Ice Cream

Alder Carr Fruit Ice Cream

Alder Carr Farm first started making ice cream when their crop of raspberries provided a particularly healthy harvest back in 1985. They got experimenting with an old family recipes to use up the glut of raspberries they had, and started selling the ice cream in their farm shop. Customers loved their fruit cream ice range and before long the farm began to receive requests to supply other outlets. Since then, they've gone from strength to strength and have a fantastic range of ice creams.

Most of the fruit used in the range comes from Alder Carr Farm with the cream sourced from local suppliers. The range of ice creams are made purely from natural ingredients - aside from cream, sugar and fruit the only other additions are ginger, spices and vanilla which are all Fairtrade and organic wherever possible.

We tried their Gooseberry & Elderflower fruit cream ice, which won a gold award in 2006's Great Taste Awards. It's easy to see why - the gooseberries and elderflower gives the ice cream a clear fresh taste with real bite and the fact that they use cream rather than milk adds a real sense of indulgence without masking the generous amount of fruit that features in each tub. Over a third of each recipes in the range is made up of fruit, which is where the seriously great flavour stems from. It's Alder Carr's balance of cream, fruit and sugar, which gives their fruit cream ices a mouth-watering richness and freshness.

The iLoveMyGrub team also ploughed their way through the deliciously tart and intense Raspberry flavour, a mini pot of tangy Blackcurrant and last but not least, a large tub of Summer Fruits which was like swallowing a handful of berries from your Gran's fruit cage, wrapped up in a swathe of cream. Thank goodness for freezers - we can have a mouthful of summer all year round with Alder Carr's range of fruit cream ices.