Babicka vodka

Babicka vodka

As vodkas go, Babicka is something a little out of the ordinary. Take one look at the distillery process, and you start to see why. This vodka is made from Moravian corn and distilled in Prostejov in the Czech Republic. Infused with wormwood (Artemisia Absinthe) and a selection of herbs, it offers up a creamy flavour and a smooth, clean cut finish.

If you’ve ever been out drinking with a Czech, you will know that holding their drink is practically an art form, whilst everyone else ends up dribbling under the table. They know how to handle their spirits, and Babicka is a delicious example of knowledge and appreciation coming together.

We tried mixing Babicka in a vodka tonic, and ended up with one hell of a drinkable glassful. The creaminess of the vodka really does come through, and there’s no abrasive kick at the back of your throat. It’s all very smooth and seamless on the tongue with a hint of cream soda along the way.

‘Babicka’ was the name given to wise old women in 16th century Czechoslovakia, and these days its the name Czech grandchildren know their Grandma by. The old school Babickas were known for their wisdom and witchcraft, and revered for their mystical healing powers. They’re also credited with concocting some of the earliest vodka recipes. And we thought Grandmas were all about the sherry.

If you love vodka, and you’re on the search for something more refined, go with the knowledge of the Babickas, and get a bottle of this stuff into your collection. It will probably go down a little too well, but you can just blame that on wisdom or something.

Babicka vodka is priced at £35 per bottle, which isn’t cheap, but you’re getting what you pay for here. Available from Harvey Nichols, and specialist retailers including and

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Written by: Helenka Bednar