There are some things that are just so retro, they've become undeniably classic. Babycham, is one of those things baby. Unveil a bottle of Babycham at a party, and suddenly everyone's oohhing and ahhhhing at the retro-chicness of it all. For those not yet in the know, Babycham tastes somewhere between Appletiser and Cava – a drinkable little tipple for sure.

The miniature 20cl bottles have the added benefit of a lower alcohol content (at only 6% ABV), equating to 1.2 units per bottle. Alternatively, you can pop the cork of the larger 75cl bottle and really get the party started. 

Throughout the winter for 2009/10, Babycham is offering the chance to win one of 2,500 pairs of limited edition Babycham glasses when a 4-pack of Babycham 20cl is purchased. The famous glass has become a sought-after collector’s item since it was first launched in 1953, and this year’s glass features the iconic ‘chamois’ (deer) logo, with ‘Babycham 2010’ emblazoned on the stem. 

Open, pour, clink those glasses and take a sip of Babycham – the retro fizz that has most definitely stood the test of time. 

**Babycham range**
Babycham 20cl 4-bottle multipack, RRP £3.40 at Tesco, Sainsburys, Adsa and Morrisons
Babycham 75cl screw-top bottle, RRP £2.35 at Asda
Babycham 75cl ‘popping cork’ bottle, RRP £3.30 at Iceland and Co-op