Belvoir Fruit Farms cordials

Belvoir Fruit Farms cordials

These cordials conjure up childhood memories of picnics, fruit cages and guzzling something refreshing on a hot, hot day. Quintessentially English, Belvoir’s range of cordials includes the likes of Raspberry & Rose, Gooseberry & Mint, Blood Orange & Mandarin, Elderflower and Ginger. A glassful of Belvoir’s cordials will ease you gently into a sense of summer, even if the weather is still refusing to serve up constant sunshine.

The company uses real fruit from local fruit farmers and highly reputed importers (for their fresh Ginger and fresh Lemon Grass for example). They also squeeze, crush, press, cook or infuse the raw fruits and flowers themselves, to retain their freshness and taste. That means going to lengths such as squeezing all the fruit juice for their Summer Berry and Organic Blackcurrant Cordials in a sophisticated American fruit press, and cooking the raw ginger in a pressure cooker to get the unique flavour of their Ginger Cordial. They also infuse all the fresh elderflowers in their own unique way to get the very best of their taste.

To appreciate the full flavour of these cordials, simply dilute as directed on the back of the bottle, with cool, refreshing water and an ice cube or two. If you fancy a less unadulterated approach, Belvoir’s cordials add a great dimension to cocktail mixing, providing oodles of flavour that just screams “Drink Me!”.

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