This company is worth remembering for those occasions in life when you want to send somebody something fabulous. Food is the way to most people’s hearts let’s face it, but beautifully iced biscuits, boxed up with a whole lot of love and style, just take things to the next level.

And that’s what Biscuiteers does best. Whether you’re after a present for a birthday, a new baby, a wedding or just for the sheer hell of it, Biscuiteer has an inspiring range of iced treats to choose from. There are the cute powder blue and pink iced ducks for new additions, and the beautifully decorated L.O.V.E. Box, stuffed with eye-catching iced L’s, O’s and….you know the rest. The quirkier side of Biscuiteer comes in the shape of their more crazy boxed biscuit offerings, including ‘Oodles of poodles’, ‘Jocks & socks’ and ‘Teacher’s pet’.

We tried their ‘Killer heels’ biscuit box from the mini collection (designed in celebration of London Fashion Week): dainty chocolate biscuits, covered in shades of pink, green, purple and red icing, complete with sugared glitz effect. Edible shoes? Gastro-couture for sure! Ordering a box of biscuits won’t be a problem from Biscuiteers’ well thought out website, but you will probably spend a large part of your day drooling over their range, whilst you try to decide whether to order hot pant-shaped biscuits, safari-inspired creations, or a little bit of flower power.

The Killer Heels collection is priced at £27.50 plus postage and packing.

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