Caorunn gin

Caorunn gin

Pronounced ‘ka-roon’, this Scottish gin would give Casanova a run for his money when it comes to playing it smooth. Made from five Celtic botanicals, this small batch distilled gin is what you might call a ‘boutique’ spirit.

It’s smoothness could also be your downfall when it comes to the classic gin & tonic. We ended up using a little more gin in our glasses than we normally would, due to its subtler notes, but oh what a seamless mouthful ensued. Taking its name-sake from the Rowan Berry (the botanical that forms the soul of the gin), Caorunn includes an organic blend of Coul Blush Apple, Heather, Bog Myrtle and Dandelion, delicately fused with six traditional gin botanicals.

Get the lemons at the ready and your tonic chilled. To cut corners with anything that touches this gin, would be scandalous.

Available from July 2009 onward, priced at £21.99 per 70cl bottle. (Abv: 41.8%).

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