Château Léoube, Rosé de Léoube

Château Léoube, Rosé de Léoube

On a balmy summer’s evening, this wine really comes into its own. Rosé de Léoube from the French winery Château Léoube, comes elegantly dressed in a minimalist bottle. They say never judge wine by its label, so we didn’t. We opened it and drank it, and got a fresh, crisp flavour wooing our taste buds.

Rosé de Léoube won’t pack a punch on your tongue. Instead, it delivers soft, subtle hints of Grenache and Cinsault, wrapped up in an elegant and clean fruity finish. It would make the perfect partner for white fish dishes, and yes, the bottle looks lovely too.

For those nights in with the girls, this is a decent bottle of choice for rose lovers. If you think you don’t like rose wines, but are partial to a dry white (particularly Grenache), then give Rosé de Léoube a try.

Château Léoube has been lovingly restored by the founders of Daylesford Organic, and this latest offering from the winery is available from, and Priced at around £13.99 a bottle.

Written by: Helenka Bednar