Demarquette Pure Range

Demarquette Pure Range

If you’re a bit of a die-hard puritan when it comes to chocolate, you’ll be interested to know that Marc Demarquette has just launched a wild chocolate ganache as part of his ‘Demarquette Pure Range’ of single origin chocolates. The artisan chocolatier has got his hands on some grade A chocolate, made from a pure Wild cocoa bean grown on cocoa trees that have been growing wild and untampered in the depths of Bolivia.

The wild Bolivian ganache in Demarquette’s petite box of ‘Pure Range’ goodies suits puritans, with its earthy but smooth tasting texture. There’s no bitterness, just luxurious dark lusciousness. What more could you want from a chocolate? Well, you could go through the other hand-made bites in said box if you’re in search of something different. ‘Madagascan Milk’ offers itself up in the form of milky, caramel sweetness, whilst the 72% ‘Araguani’ provides a bitter liquorice hit, which mellows into a raisin-like finish. There are nine different single estate varieties to choose from in this box of treats, but it was the ‘Ecuador’ which won hands down on pure indulgence with its buttery texture and smooth liquid darkness. Yes, more of those please.

If you do indulge in a box of ‘Demarquette’s Pure Range’, it comes complete with an envelope full of tasting notes, so you can swot up before hand and see if your taste buds agree with the descriptions on the cards created for each chocolate. If like us, you’re less sophisticated than that, you can just wade your way through the entire box to conclude your favourite of the lot.

Demarquette’s Pure Collection is priced at £25.00, (containing 18 chocolates, with two of each single estate variety). Available from Demarquette – Fine Chocolates, 285 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9PZ &