Denhay bacon

Denhay bacon

We’re spoilt for choice with different kinds of bacon when we browse the supermarket shelves. A lot of it, let’s face it, is pap. That kind of poor excuse for bacon, that you get home, pop in a frying pan and watch with dismay as it leaks out water, white scum and shrivels in front of your very eyes.

And then there’s Denhay bacon, which is the exact opposite of the above, and bliss on your tongue. When you lay a few slices of their streaky or back bacon into a frying pan, it sizzles delightfully, imparting that tempting scent of cured bacon that’s pretty difficult to ignore. If you cook it on a slow heat, the fat crisps up until it turns golden, while you potter around the kitchen doing other things. There’s no white scum or liquid sneaking out of this bacon, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so pleasurable to eat. The other reason, is down to the quality of Denhay’s bacon and their treatment of it. Their bacon is never frozen (which can cause shrinkage when you cook bacon), and their dry cure is available in streaky, back bacon, smoked and unsmoked. They also produce an old-fashioned Wiltshire cure, which has lots of old-school bacon flavour.

Denhay’s Dry Cure, Smoked Back Bacon has been awarded a gold star by the Great Taste Awards, whilst their Dry Cure, Smoked Streaky has bagged itself two gold stars. If want your fry-up to revel in deliciousness, this bacon gets our vote.

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Written by: Helenka Bednar