Diva popcorn

Diva popcorn

You know how it is when you queue up at the cinema for a box of popcorn. You can have salted, or sweet and that’s just about it. Diva popcorn gives your taste buds the chance to explore other flavours out there.

Next time you sit down on the sofa, to expand the horizons of your mind via the medium of film - don’t forget your taste buds. They want to go on a journey too you know, and Diva’s ‘Camembert, Gouda & Brie’ popcorn is a tasty starting point. This flavour was our personal favourite - cheese and popcorn should go together more often, but Diva also have others to choose from. You can get your mouth around their Rock Salt, Sweet Chipotle Chilli, and Sea Salt & Balsamic flavours too. The surprising thing about Diva’s popcorn is how light it is in texture. The flavour balance is delicious, but the popcorn itself it light and tasty, not weighed down by a gloopey coating, but dusted with well-seasoned ingredients.

The bags of popcorn are generous in size, and they’re actually full of popcorn too - no disappointing illusions, which you often get with packets of snacks. Each pack contains around 100 calories, in case you’re counting and the popcorn is 100% wholegrain, and totally gluten free, so a good snacking option for any Celiacs out there. The popcorn is air-popped rather than oil-popped, which leaves it tasting lighter on the tongue and with healthier credentials.

Our verdict: Delicious popcorn (especially the Camembert flavour!), which tastes surprisingly light. Your taste buds get taken on an adventure, without your stomach feeling bloated. Hooray!

Diva popcorn is priced at 85p per bag, available from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods and some farm shops.

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Reviewed by: Helenka Bednar