Donald Russell’s Valentine lamb steaks

Donald Russell’s Valentine lamb steaks

If you’re after something a little bit special to serve up on your plate, it’s worth making a note of Donald Russell’s brilliant range of meat cuts. Responsible for supplying the kitchens of top Michelin-starred restaurants, Donald Russell knows a thing or two about high quality meat.

We tried the lamb Valentine steaks from his range, which show their unusual heart shape when cooked. All Donald Russell’s lamb is grass-fed and reared for the finest flavour. These steaks are cut from the highly prized loin, the most tender part of the lamb, making them fantastically sweet and succulent. We followed the tip of cooking the Valentine steaks, cut side down, so they didn’t curl and after a quick pan fry, we tried them with lashings of mash and a little mint sauce. There are a whole host of ways to try these lamb Valentine steaks, but what comes through on tasting, is the succulence of the meat – the steaks were deliciously juicy and had plenty of flavour.

Valentine steaks are a lovely touch for romantic dinners, and look great on a plate on the 14th February of course. But they taste good enough to be embraced just for their flavour, regardless of the occasion. Beef, veal, poultry, pork, mutton and fish are also available through mail order from Donald Russell. Only the finest grass-fed, naturally reared beef is selected then matured (for a minimum of 21 days) giving them their unique flavour.

For more information on Donald Russell, or to order, telephone: 01467 629666, or visit the website: Try Donald Russell’s Valentine lamb steaks recipes with pumpkin and sweet potato mash.