Dulcet Moroccan mustard

Dulcet Moroccan mustard

The Amazing Food Company is hell bent on bringing superior culinary finds from around the globe to the rain-drenched island that is Blighty. If you frequently look inside your fridge and find yourself as depressed with its contents as the weather outside, then a scoop of Dulcet’s Moroccan mustard might help to alleviate your gloomy disposition.

Imported (bizarrely from the USA), but tasting of a land full of spice, the Amazing Food Company have put us Brits in contact with a jar full of this Moroccan mustard, which lends itself perfectly to a rasher of maple cured bacon. Its spiciness and honeyed flavour also make it a prime ingredient for those barbequed, marinated moments. Try it out as part of a marinade with lamb kebabs, or just let it jazz up the condiments section of your fridge, and use regularly to spice up your sausages and burgers.

“Epicurean epiphanies for everyday” says the strap line on the jar – see it is possible to add a bit of colour to the hum drum contents of a fridge.

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