Ecoffee is a premium coffee which is in its own league of environmental friendliness, the makers considering it “environmentally helpful”. Jon Rogers, founder of Rogers Family Company (the company who produce ecoffee) says: *“We are dedicated to being the most socially and environmentally responsible coffee in the World.” *

Ecoffee is grown over 3000 feet of natural rainforests, using farming methods that do not drain the local ecosystem of nutrients, but aim to give back to it. These methods of farming are so environmentally efficient that ecoffee leaves no carbon footprint, and in fact uses more greenhouse gasses than it produces, making it carbon negative.

Roger’s is a family run company and has been in operation since 1979 (way before the term “Fair Trade” had even been coined). The company has built good relationships with its producers and buys its coffee for a fixed price so that the growers are not negatively affected by fluctuations in the world market. Roger’s also run a scheme called Coffee Community Aid which has invested millions into the lives of the people in these coffee growing regions, and the infrastructures in which they live.

Ecoffee comes in three strengths:

  • Big and Bold, strength 6.5
  • Smooth and Rounded, strength 3.7
  • Bright and Lively, strength 2.7

While they do vary in strength, all the coffees are robust and flavoursome. The Bright and Lively is perfect for after dinner coffee, as it is less likely to keep you up all night; the Big and Bold is exactly what you need on a Monday morning. Ecoffee is available only online, and at £4.95 for a bag it is not the cheapest, but is still far more reasonable than a lot of luxury coffees.

However, you get more than you pay for here. Some may boast about being carbon neutral, but ecoffee is carbon negative. With its rich toasted flavours, a mug of ecoffee tastes second to none, and that's worth paying a little extra for.

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**Written by:** Emily Boyd