Feeding Your Imagination chocolates

Feeding Your Imagination chocolates

Admittedly we’re all getting a little more adventurous with our taste buds these days – it’s not completely unheard of to team strawberries with pepper and there are plenty of chocolate lovers out there who’s taste buds revel in the cheeky combination of cocoa and chilli.

Feeding your imagination has gone that little bit further to challenge the open-mindedness of our palettes with a range of chocolates that are anything but conventional. Flavours such as milk chocolate with lemon and geranium rose, and white chocolate with bergamot and cinnamon are examples of this range, which combines Belgian chocolates with aromatherapy oils to lift or relax your mood. Interesting – I actually almost wrote bath instead of mood in that last sentence…can aromatherapy oils add to the tasting experience when it comes to chocolate, or are you just going to end up thinking of soap when you pop one of these bars into your mouth?

Well the answer it seems, depends on which bar you choose. “Dreamy” (milk chocolate with lemon and geranium rose) did make us think of soap, particularly the kind my Gran might favour (no offence Gran). The chocolate itself tasted great, but there wasn’t too much lemon to be found and the rose did prevail. So - if you like rose flavouring in your chocolate then go for it, otherwise, I would suggest that you try another bar in the range. “Fantastic” (milk chocolate with ginger, black pepper and grapefruit) on the other hand, was fantastic. The flavours appear one at a time giving your taste buds a refreshing shake without making you want to take a bath.

Other flavours in the range include “Lovely” containing peppermint and cardamom (good for digestion, and good on the taste buds too), “Sexy” combining chocolate and chilli (not bad), and “Sensual” offering up orange, chilli and nutmeg which could give “Fantastic” a run for its money. This chocolate range is definitely not for everyone, but some of these flavours will appeal to the chocolate lover on the look out for something that’s anything but conventional.