Fever Tree Lemon Tonic

Fever Tree Lemon Tonic

Fever Tree are dusting off the image of old-school bitter lemon with their new sophisticated Lemon Tonic, perfect for mixing long drinks.

Fever Tree’s reasoning is that, if three quarters of your long drink is the mixer, then that mixer had better be good! Which is why they are dedicated to producing all natural mixers to compliment the true tastes of the best spirits. They source the most authentic ingredients to create their products, and in this case the finest lemon juice and oils from Sicily and the highest quality quinine from the original Chinchona trees on the Rwanda and Congo borders.

The result is a refreshing and clean tonic with a pleasant fizz and subtle sweetness and aroma that willingly complements a fine vodka or gin. This tonic seriously sets a standard for all other mixers in the world. (And it certainly has no resemblance to the sickly green coloured bitter lemon product that’s currently on the supermarket shelves). Fever Tree Lemon Tonic is a highly refined and delicate mixer that’s so delicious it can be enjoyed quite defiantly on it’s own - just don’t forget the ice!

Fever Tree Lemon Tonic is available from November 2009 at Waitrose, priced at £2.99 for a four-pack of 200ml bottles.

** Written by:** Leila Sarraf