Firefly Tonics

Firefly Tonics

School buddies Marcus Waley Cohen and Harry Briggs set up this fabulous drinks company after Harry returned from a trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest, hollering about the benefits of botanicals. These refreshing drinks come in a range of flavours and help you detox, chill out, wake up or sharpen your mind – take your pick.

The great thing about this collection of thirst-quenchers is that they’re entirely natural, made up of purified water, fruit juices and botanical extracts. There’s no caffeine laced, sugar rush when you sip from one of these bottles – just subtle flavours, quietly doing you good.

Quite wonderfully, Firefly have come up with drinks for different occasions, so if you’re about to sit a heinous beast of an exam, Sharpen Up will help you focus your mind with a blend of grapefruit, passion fruit and yerba maté. Meanwhile, for those who have no exams to take and just need all the help in the world to get over a monstrous hangover, Detox – Firefly’s very own morning after drink, will help to ease a pounding head with lemon, lime and ginger – oh and a fistful of Siberian Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, artichoke and nettle.

Now, you and I probably don’t know exactly what these blends of herbs do, but thankfully Firefly’s two herbalists do. With 2.5g of unique herbal extracts in each drink, and no added sugar, these bottles of beverage-based wizardry do you the world of good without any added nasties. Hooray.