Gü Saucy Caramel Pud, Deeply Decedent Mousse and Frü Key Lime Pie

Gü Saucy Caramel Pud, Deeply Decedent Mousse and Frü Key Lime Pie

, the pudding people have been producing a tempting range of desserts for six years. Their black packaging and tantalising photography is iconic and irresistible, as it sits in the chiller section of the supermarket.

The latest in their range of twin puds is the Saucy Caramel Pud and the Deeply Decedent Mousse. Gü’s ‘little sister’ Frü has a three pack of an American favourite, Key Lime Pie. All widely available at the major supermarkets on the high street.

Key Lime Pie is similar to a lime cheese-cake with more of a citrus kick. Frü’s version come in small plastic cups, which unlike most of the pudding range, couldn’t be served up at a dinner party. One of the nicest things about purchasing a Gü pud is its presentation, but the Key Lime Pie lacks it a little here. Unfortunately it’s not the only issue I have. A good Key Lime Pie counteracts the twang of the citrus with sugar which leaves you with the taste of lime but not the sour bite. Gü’s pie dessert left an acerbic aftertaste. Not suited to me but quite possibly someone else's cup of tea.

On to the Deeply Decedent Mousse which is a different story entirely. Happily the mousse comes in the lovely little glass ramekins which make them look reassuringly upmarket. The contents was even more reassuring. The mousse does what it says on the packaging. Its smooth and rich and ever-so-slightly bitter 53% cocoa was as good as it should be. I enjoyed the portion size but my dinner guest found it a little too much. All together a great light mousse with a deeply rewarding chocolatey flavour.

Finally it was the Saucy Puds turn at the dinner table. Packaging receives a tick of sorts here as the puds are presented in beautiful paper surround, but you have to remove it immediately before preparation. Preparation however is incredibly easy with only 45-55 seconds in the microwave or 6 to 8 mins in the oven. There is a good amount of light-salt caramel sauce for two puds although the dessert would benefit from being served with vanilla ice-cream or custard. The pudding itself is fluffy and not dry with a good sticky-date flavour and the sauce is a delicious complement to this very, very sweet pud.

Any of these new flavours would be handy to have in the fridge as a sweet treat.

**Pricing info:**
Gü Saucy Caramel Puds are available in packs of 2x73g at £2.99
Gü Deeply Decadent Mousse are available in packs of 2x60g packs at £2.99
Frü Cheeky Little Key Lime Pie are available in packs of 3x45g packs at £1.99 

**Reviewed by**: Anne Giacomantonio