Galler pure cocoa

Galler pure cocoa

This ground cocoa powder from Galler contains 20% cocoa butter for a silkier consistency. It makes for a great store cupboard baking essential, and also makes a proper cup full of hot chocolate. We tried it this way:

Mix two heaped teaspoons of the cocoa into a small pan and add a drop of milk, stirring with a spoon until you get a thick paste. Then add enough milk for one mug of hot chocolate and flick the heat onto low. Keep a watchful eye on the pan and make sure the milk doesn’t boil. Add a little sugar to taste if you like, or a few squares of couverture or decent chocolate to the pan. Wait until the chocolate and/or sugar has melted and combined, then the contents of the pan will be ready to serve up in a decent-sized mug.

Galler’s cocoa has a really chocolaty flavour to it, without much bitterness so you may find you don’t have to add too much sugar or additional chocolate if you like a deep cocoa hit. A lovely little bag of cocoa, that knows how to deliver a chocolaty punch even with its delicate ‘finely ground’ credentials.

Available from Galler’s London shop or online at: