Gently Sparkling Juice Drink

Gently Sparkling Juice Drink

It’s a difficult task, finding a sophisticated soft drink to serve along side the champagne cocktails that flow through the Christmas season. Sure there are some luscious cordials around and some very adult brewed soft drinks, which I think are much the acquired taste. This year a new contender has entered the market: The Feel Good Drinks Company’s range of Gently Sparkling Juice.

Feel Good, who have been around for seven years, already produce a range of still juice drinks, 100 % juice drinks and drinks for kids. They have introduced a delightful range of sparkling flavours to add to the Christmas cheer. The flavours range from the traditional ‘Cloudy Lemon’, to the surprising ‘Cranberry Lime’ and ‘White Grape and Peach’ to the downright delicious ‘Raspberry and Passionfruit’ and ‘Orange and Passionfruit.’

The Feel Good range of Gently Sparkling juices have no added sugars or artificial colours so you can be sure of what you’re drinking. They also come in old-school 750ml glass bottles that have a reassuring clink when stacked in the fridge. Of course these details aren’t essential for a good drink but they do add to the party atmosphere and they are better for the environment than plastic.

For my part it’s the ‘Raspberry and Passionfruit’ and the ‘Cranberry and Lime’ that I couldn’t get enough of. When you’re as greedy as I am, 750ml doesn’t go far enough. The ‘Cloudy Lemon’ was just as it should taste with a good sour and sweet punch. Despite extolling the virtues of Feel Good Sparkling as a soft drink, the ‘White Grape and Peach’ was magic with a dash of Cava. Of the range the ‘Orange and Passionfruit’ was my least favourite but still brought back good memories of drinking orange pop as a child.

I should think each of them would make a great mixer but that’s not really the point. They stand alone as a tasty and refreshing non-alcoholic choice for the designated driver and the kids.

The range is available in all the major supermarkets at the recommended retail price of £1.95 for a 750ml bottle. 375ml sizes are also available.