Goan Red & Wild Rice

Goan Red & Wild Rice

Throughout India and Asia, rice is king when it comes to food. It's such an important part of the diet in Japan that the grains of rice are affectionately called little Buddhas to encourage children to eat up all of their rice.

Veetee have captured the Eastern promise of this all important food staple in their range. Their Premium Basmati Rice has been aged over two years to better its flavour with these Indian grains providing a creamy appearance and a silky textured finish.

The Brown Basmati Rice is the healthiest option within the range and is high in fibre with a lovely nutty taste that has it making a great ingredient in salads as well as an accompaniment to hot sauce-based dishes.

The jewel in Veetee's range has to be the Goan Red & Wild Rice  - a mix of amber coloured grains flecked with long black grains of American wild rice. This mix is great served up with curries and fiery sauces, but also goes down really well with seafood. At some weddings, it's traditional to throw a handful of rice at newly weds - we're not suggesting that you go that far, but throwing a few handfuls into a pan will definitely get your belly excited.