Gressingham guinea fowl

Gressingham guinea fowl

Quite frankly, I can’t understand why we don’t eat Gressingham guinea fowl all the time. It’s so superior to chicken! Chicken and turkey are always dry, and let’s face it, they’re really just vessels for gravy. Guinea fowl, on the other hand, is moist, juicy, and full of flavour. We’re not talking a powerful, gamey flavour either – just the subtle, meaty flavour that chicken should have and often doesn’t. Indeed, according to Gressingham many people love their guinea fowl because it’s reminds them of the good old days, tasting ‘*just like chicken used to*’. 

Game birds often have a bit of a stigma attached to them, seeming like upper-class poultry, for the hunting, shooting, tweed-wearing members of society only. But this is miles from the truth. Guinea fowl is so nutritious, and so inexpensive, that there’s no reason not to eat it. It is naturally high is protein and low in cholesterol… it’s tastier than other white meats, healthier than all the red meats… has it won your favour yet? If not, perhaps this will tip the balance: you can buy a whole roast Gressingham guinea fowl for a fiver in Tesco and Sainsbury’s! 

While it is so inexpensive and easy to purchase, it can’t be denied that guinea fowl is a classy bird. As guinea fowl is not widely eaten (yet!) they are rarely battery farmed, and Gressingham guinea fowl are entirely free-range. 

Gressingham farm other birds too. They have farmed their famous Gressingham Duck since 1971, and farm a variety of other poultry, and all of it is free range. They even sell gourmet ready meals, such as instant hoi sin duck! Gressingham products can be bought at various wholesalers all over England. To find your nearest stockist and for more information visit the Gressingham website. 

**Reviewed by: **Emily Boyd