Haribo Horror Mix

Haribo Horror Mix

Haribo have gone Halloween crazy with their spookily themed gums and jellied sweets. Don’t be scared though – they might look spooky, but have the kind of typical Haribo taste that makes it easy to finish the packet in one sitting.

This spooky packet is squirming at the seams with snakes, spiders, bats and frogs. How terrifying. Freak you friends out, and hand out to trick or treat types, although you’d be forgiven for scoffing the spooky lot yourself.

Haribo have also created Magic Mix - an enchanting selection of gummy owls, brooms, cauldrons and ghosts. So next time, someone says “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”, you can say “Well, I have, but it’s okay – I’ve eaten him.”

Available from major supermarkets and confectionery retailers nationwide. Priced from £1.07 for a 175g bag.