Healthy Thirst (Cherry)

Healthy Thirst (Cherry)


Thorncroft, who make Heathly Thirst drinks, aim to make drinks that are “beautiful in the bottle and beautiful on the tongue!”. Iindeed, the new “Fruity Cherry Sensation”, which – if you’ll forgive the unimaginative description – can only be described as vibrantly cherry-red in colour, is a feast for the eyes before it’s even been opened.

Healthy Thirst Cherry contains no added sugar, no preservatives, and is more than 50% juice, which, for a fizzy drink is mightily impressive. Considering it is “Healthy” by name, and healthy by nature, this drink tastes remarkably sweet and naughty, like the cherryade you might have had at parties when you were little. If you’re reluctant to give your children fizzy drinks, then this is a drink they’re bound to love, and it comes without the side order of E numbers.

Not only is it great for kids, but the glass bottle and tasteful labels make Healthy Thirst Cherry a stylish drink for adults too. If you don’t fancy something as filling as juice, and you don’t fancy an explosively fizzy can of coke, this offers a happy medium, combining the sweetness and fizz of your favourite canned drinks with the healthy, low calorie, juicy goodness of a juice. It also makes for an eye-catching soft drink to serve at summer parties, and unlike so many soft drinks, doesn’t look out of place in a wine glass.

Founder of Thorncrofts, and creator of their drinks, Guy Woodall, takes great care to use only the highest quality ingredients, using the most well-refined recipes. Thorncroft drinks are stocked at National Trust shops, Tesco Regional, discerning independents, health shops and farm shops. Visit the Thorncroft website for more information on Healthy Thirst Cherry, and other Thorncroft drinks.

**Written by:** Emily Boyd