Hunters of Helmsley patés

Hunters of Helmsley patés


Hunters, a family run company nestled in the historic North Yorkeshire town of Helmsley, are producers of all manner of traditional English food: patés, jams, relishes, and the likes. Everything from Hunters has a warm, traditional, very British feel to it and all of it oozes quaint English charm.

Hunters’ patés are coarse in texture. While some coarse pates are a stiff, unspreadable lump, Hunters’ pates are closer to a rillette in their softness, but still manage to retain a dense meatiness. Hunters’ patés come in a variety of exciting flavours. There are the old classics such as:

  • Pork
  • Chicken liver with Cognac
  • Duck with a slice of orange

And then there are some more unusual flavours:

  • Pheasant with Armagnac
  • Guinea fowl with hazelnuts
  • Venison with Cognac
  • Bison with fried onions
  • Ostrich with honey and figs

The patés are rich but the flavours are subtle, and you won’t be over too powered by their gaminess, although the ostrich is surprisingly gamier than the pheasant!

The pates can be kept in the cupboard for months before needing to be used (although once opened they must be eaten within a couple of days). They’re a great little delicacy to have stashed away in your kitchen cupboard, to break out for a spontaneous summer picnic, or to use as a winter starter on some homemade toasted bread.

Hunters of Helmsley patés come in 180g jars, and are priced between £2.79 and £3.75. You can buy online from the Hunters of Helmsley shop website, or from the original Hunters of Helmsley shop.

**Reviewed by:** Emily Boyd