JING tea

JING tea

If you love your tea, and you love a pressie – bear JING in mind. Jing Tea’s founder Edward Eisler certainly knows how to pay attention to detail when it comes to flavour and presentation.

Edward's love for tea started early on.  His tea-drinking career began at the age of eight when he experimented at home with Assam, Ceylon and Lapsang Souchong teas.  But it was a visit to a tea house in Prague when he was 16, that finally opened his eyes to the world of tea tastes and flavours. 

After studying Chinese medicine at university, Edward struggled to find the high quality teas he had tasted abroad. He founded Jing Tea in 2003, with the aim of sourcing the world’s greatest teas directly from the farmers and the gardens which produce them, seeking out the finest qualities available, and often as a consequence importing unique, single-origin teas of outstanding quality to the UK for the first time.  Not only is the tea of the highest quality, it is also produced and packed under ethical and environmentally friendly conditions.

We tried JING's refreshing Whole Peppermint Leaf which smelt wonderful before the leaves even hit hot water. Edward's teas come packaged in luxurious gold pouches, and brilliantly when you open a pouch of tea – there's plenty in there. We all know how crisp manufacturers like to taunt us with 3 crisps at the bottom of a freshly opened packet – well thankfully miniscule measurements don't apply with JING tea. We also got our tea cups out to try JING's Flowering Dragon Eye tea, which came in the form of tea pearls, which have been hand-stitched and unfurl beautifully in hot water to reveal a bursting trail of jasmine flowers.

JING’s online offering extends well past the average green, white and black teas with gorgeous varieties such as the fragrant Jasmine Pearls Green, Flowering Osmanthus, Yellow Gold Oolong and Organic Bohea Lapsang Supreme. JING also offers a definitive example of everyday varieties such as Organic Whole Chamomile, Dragon Well Green, Peppermint Leaf, Earl Grey Supreme, Assam Breakfast and Ceylon Black.

JING’s **Glass One-Cup Teapot ****Set** (£24.47) comes with a 300ml capacity teapot, made with exquisitely hand-blown glass complete with a filter to ensure the tea is never over-infused and matching cup and saucer.

Also available is the **Blue Pearl Gift Set** (RRP £40) which is an equally beautiful way to make a fine cup of tea. Perfect for sharing, this authentic yet contemporary set includes a pot and two small cups overlaid with a milky egg-shell blue glaze - a real pleasure for the senses.

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