Malmo Nordic Dining range

Malmo Nordic Dining range

Malmo Nordic Dining has launched an enticing and authentic range of artisan food products, bringing an essence of the Nordic Diet to Britain.

Unfortunately in Britain most people associate the Nordic Region with pickled herring, reindeer and meatballs and that’s exactly why Malmo Nordic Dining are keen to re-establish the diversity of the five countries food cultures through their produce, recipes and food values; purity, simplicity and health.

The range includes three cheeses, two of which I had the pleasure to try. A full bodied and creamy Svecia and a sweet and nutty Greve (similar to Jarlsberg). Both of which went down a treat, especially when perched on top of the moorish Swedish crisp bread consisting of wholegrain rye, linseed and sunflowerseeds. The suitably natural packaging and label informed me that the bread had been made on a barren limestone island off the southern Swedish coast. I washed down the cheese with a sweet, sharp and refreshing bottle of cold pressed, unfiltered Swedish apple juice made from the distinctive apple variety Transparente Blanche from the small family run orchard, Kivikås.

Rapeseed oils and preserves are also available amongst the Malmo Nordic Dining range. So take your tastebuds on a culinary adventure into the Nordic region by visiting for a full list of retailers as well as Nordic-inspired recipes.

Written by: Leila Sarraf