Marmite cereal bars

Marmite cereal bars

You don't need politicians to divide the country – you just need Marmite. And the people at Marmite have done it again with their latest offering: Marmite cereal bars. No, don't rub your ears – you heard right: CEREAL BARS. To be honest, when we first heard about this new idea from Marmite HQ, our immediate thoughts were 'Hhhmm, a step too far?' But, the weird thing is, although they do taste strange – it's a wonderful kind of strange. Weird is good – think crackling candy, glow-in-the-dark putty and that kooky lady, Bjork. You're not sure you'll like these things at first, but then YOU DO.

Embrace your inner flavour rebel people, and reach for the cereal bar shelf. Bypass all those overly sweet, sugar-coated options and make the cashier's eyes pop out of their head as you lay down a Marmite cereal bar on the counter, clad in its black chic wrapping. Set down your cash and then walk off with quite possibly the weirdest snack on the market. Oats + Marmite = Wonderful.

Marmite cereal bars are available in packs of 6 priced at £1.99 exclusively in Morrisons from the 2nd November 2009, and will roll out to stores nationwide in 2010. A bonkers idea or an ideal mishmash of loveliness? Pick up a packet and join in the debate today. You can cast your vote in the nationwide debate. Join the Marmite Facebook page\marmite and share your verdict with over 237,000 crazy fans.

**Reviewer:** Helenka Bednar