New range of skinny soups from GLORIOUS!

New range of skinny soups from GLORIOUS!


GLORIOUS!® is a range of luxury soups and sauces, blended with flavours from all over the world. Old faithful flavours include Big Easy Chilli Cream, Toulouse Chicken and Bean Casoulet, New York Al Fredo, and as of this summer they have concocted a range of new skinny soups. There are in fact four new soups in the GLORIOUS! family:

  • Asian Tomato Rice & Ginger
  • Fragrant Thai Carrot & Lemongrass
  • Goan Spiced Tomato & Lentil
  • New England Butternut Squash

All the soups are priced at £1.79, all of them contain 1 of your 5 portions of fruit per day, and all of them are under 160 calories per half pot with between 1-3 grams of fat.

GLORIOUS! products are beautifully packaged, using stylish labels with brightly coloured calligraphic letters in the style of the country the soup is inspired by. 
While the soups draw their inspiration from other countries, they also have a distinctly British twist. Be it peal barley in a brothy Thai soup, or the mildness and subtlety of the spices in the Goan Spiced Tomato & Lentil, and Asian Tomato Rice & Ginger. The soups are classic British wholesome food with twists from abroad.

According to the makers: *“We strongly believe that flavour shouldn’t be compromised in healthy products. Our new GLORIOUS!® Skinny Soups are packed full of international flavours made from fresh ingredients. Even though they may be low in calories and low in fat, we don’t tinker with the recipes or water down the soups. We think they will appeal to anybody who is health conscious or who just prefers a lighter meal.”*

And they succeed on this aim - none of the skinny soups taste skinny, and they’ll leave you feeling full. In fact, you’ll barely want bread with most of them. Whether or not you’re on a diet, these soups are GLORIOUS!

**Written by:** Emily Boyd