Oatly chocolate drink

Oatly have come up with a new edition for their soya and dairy free product range of oat-based drinks.

Following on from Oatly's oat milk drink range is Oatly Chocolate - a mix of oat milk, cocoa and a little added sugar. The result is a very natural tasting chocolate drink that tastes very milky and clean without an overbearing sweetness. The company's concerted effort not to add too much sugar has paid off and makes this chocolate offering from Oatly taste reassuringly of chocolate and not sugar.

The great thing about this drink is it's actually good for you too. Okay so it does contain sugar, but only 3 grammes of the sugars in the drink are added sugars - the rest is made up of natural sugar from oats. The milk itself is produced from a mix of water and oats giving the drink a high fibre content and a low fat content. A 100ml glass of Oatly Chocolate drink contains 1.5 g of fat, 0.2 g of which is saturated fat.

Aside from being a good drink option for people with lactose or soya intolerance it's also just a great drink. Serve chilled or hot and enjoy.