Oatly drink

Oatly have come up with an alternative drink for people who would rather bypass dairy and soya-based milk drink options. Oatly Enriched is made from oats and water and fortified with vitamins.

The drink has a slightly oily taste to it (which probably stems from the rape seed oil which is added to it). This might take a bit of getting used to for dairy milk drinkers, but Oatly has a natural sweetness to it which is very appealing.

It's health benefits are well worth a taste - drinking Oatly will help to lower your cholesterol levels with one glass containing 38% of the daily recommended allowance of calcium.

Oatly can be served up with porridge, in tea and many other tasty ways. The company have also come up with a very comical approach to their packaging, extolling the virtues of oats and their goodness. A real alternative to milk and soya - Oatly comes in cartons to stick in your fridge and lasts for at least six months in the fridge unopened.