Olives et Al

Olives et Al

Dorset based company, Olives et Al have a passion for (maybe even an obsession with) olives. Pitted olives, stuffed olives, marinated olives, olive oil, olive wood, olive tapenade, red olives, green olives, black olives… they’re not called Olives at Al for nothing!

We tried their Sunshine Olives: “*A Greek recipes of mixed olives marinated in Rosemary infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Fantastic with white wine or a G & T.*” They’re fantastic with a G & T I’m sure, but they’re also fantastic on their own, en masse.

Sunshine Olives are a mix of black, dark red, and green olives. The green ones are firm, and red and black ones are softer, all of them are exceptionally tasty. You get more than you bargain for with these olives. The rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil in which the olives come is worth saving and using to add flavour to pasta sauces and salad dressings.

Olives et Al olives come beautifully packaged. There are either small 280g jars which are priced from £4, or there are gorgeous, great big old-fashioned “clamp jars”, which hold 800g of olives and are priced from £12. And they know you’ll get a taste for their goods, also selling refill packs of various sizes so you can top up your clamp jar. Olives et Al products can be bought in one of their two delis: their headquarters, Olives et Al at Sturminster Newton, or their second deli, Olives et Al at The Potting Shed, both in Dorset. Fear not though, if you don’t live in the South West, you can view their many products through the Olives et Al website.

**Warning:** Olives et Al olives are *too *tasty! You’ll find yourself getting through alarmingly large quantities of them in no time at all.

**Reviewed by: **Emily Boyd